I Spy: Signs of Spring

Spring is finally upon us here in southern Minnesota.  The weather is finally nice enough that I can be outside with my daycare kids without bundling everyone up (let me tell you that is a process!).  We have been able to get the bikes out and play a little baseball in the yard.  Here are some of the signs of spring in my yard:

The lilac bushes are budding

My rhubarb is coming up

The neighbor’s tulips are coming up

My hydrenga’s are starting to bud

The bugs are hard at work…see that little nasty potato bug working in the middle there?

My hostas are coming up

 And most exciting of all to me is the GREEN grass.  Although my yard never says nice and green like this after getting trampled, I love seeing the green after the LONG winter of white!


I can’t wait to get working on my garden.  I’m planning to do a raised bed garden this year and see how that goes!  So exciting!


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