Good-bye old friends

Apparently 10 years is the life span of small kitchen appliances!  Two of my very favorite wedding gifts are on their last leg.  One is my programmable crock pot that I have loved since the moment we got it.  I only recently figured out how to make it go to the ‘warm’ setting without it being through cooking…I know smart right!  I posted a couple weeks ago about how my roasts were tough even after cooking for 8 hours.  Since we have a second crock pot (although not my favorite because it tends to cook hotter than I’d like) so I decided to try that when I cooked my pork roast with Dr Pepper…it was cooked in about 3 hours!  So I guess there is something wrong…time to say goodbye.

The second one is my toaster.  It is a simple 4-silce, narrow, white toaster with the darkness adjustment slide on the front to tell the toaster how dark to make the toast.  It has been giving me trouble for some time but it was doable…untill recently!  It has started just popping up whenever it feels the need so if I walk away and forget my house will be filled with smoke soon enough.  Which makes the task of getting breakfast for daycare kids difficult as I am also trying to greet kids/parents at the door.  I know it is time to buy a new one but honestly hate spending money on things like this. 

So good bye old friends…I will miss you but I think you will be replaced by some even better new friends!


2 thoughts on “Good-bye old friends

  1. I’m excited to shop for them! I am hoping that I can get a crock pot for a great deal like I did for my mother in law at Christmas…$9 for the programmable one just like I have. We’ll see!

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