Every year we have this momma robin who thinks that the motion lights on the back side of our house is a great place to make a nest.  Each year it starts like this:

And until last year we  would just keep pulling the nest building materials down until she quit trying…which makes me feel awful.  This poor bird is trying so hard to get a safe place ready for for her babies and here we are ruining her plans and as any momma knows it is hard work getting ready for a baby!  So last year someone suggest that we just put an item on top of the lights so that she gets scared away.  So we did this:

…and it worked!  So once again this year I saw her flying really close to the house this moring and figured she must be up to her old tricks…sure enough.  So again there is a tennis ball sitting on the top of our lights until Momma Robin decides to make her nest elsewhere.  There are lots of nice trees Momma so please pick a new space…as much as I’d LOVE to watch the babies hatch and grow I can’t have you swooping at our heads every time we walk out the door and do NOT need baby birdie poop all over!


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