No More Babies…

>Being out of the diaper stage is a huge deal for most parents…myself included.  Although I don’t get away from it since I do daycare I no longer have to purchase them which is huge!  Our family has been out of the diaper stage for nearly 3 years and we knew there was no going back (although I’ve had my cases of baby fever in the past) so the decision was made that Mike would be the one to go in and take care of matters. 

A week ago he went in to have a vasectomy.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as pain as there are a wide range of stories we’ve heard ranging from ‘I was at a hockey game the same night’ to ‘he was off work for a week’.  So I was prepared for the worst…a husband who moaned and groaned on the couch for the entire weekend. 

Thursday evening I asked if he was nervous and he said no but on the way to the dr’s office I think it was starting to sneak up on him.  We had to wait in the waiting room for an hour and the relaxing medicine was kicking in…Mike was getting sleepy.  When we finally got in we talked to the nurse for a few minutes while she prepped everything and then the dr came in.  We LOVE our dr and he has a wonderful personality so the conversation was easy and the procedure went smoothly. 

Mike spent Friday night on the couch watching TV and I took the kids out shopping with me so he had quiet.  Then Saturday my brother-in-law came over to watch the kids while I went to a shower out of town.  Mike was feeling pretty good by Saturday night and had really had minimal pain…of course he was using his bag of frozen corn to ice things:)  By Sunday I think he was going a little stir crazy and was moving around a little more.  He played ball with the boys on Sunday afternoon before we went out for supper with family. 

Overall I think his experience was good and there seems to be no complications.  Now let’s hope that those swimmers are all gone…we’ll find out in about 6 weeks:)


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