COPY CAT RECIPE: Orange Julius

I have to share this one because it is so delicious!  It is a HUGE hit at daycare for snack and SO simple!

Orange Julius

1 c milk

1 c water

1/2 c sugar

1/2 can frozen orange juice concentrate

2 T vanilla


12-14 ice cubes

Dump all ingredients into blender or smoothie maker.

Mix until all chunks of ice are tiny.  It will be forthy and delicious!


Pour into glass and enjoy!


I SPY: Shoes and Jewelry

I am once again participating in an I SPY with Little Miss Momma.  This week’s theme is shoes and jewelry.  So I picked my favorites from my collections.  Here they are:

I SPY: My first jewelry gift from my hubby, graduation gift.

I SPY: The newest addition to my necklaces…for our anniversary party outfit.

I SPY: The chunky ring I purchased to go with my anniversary party outfit.  Hubby asked if I was going to punch someone!?!?

I SPY: My latest jewelry gift from hubby…anniversary band. 

Now on to the shoes:

I SPY: My favorite pair of dressy sandals.  Recently purchased and I can’t wait to wear them all summer!  Black pair of Mootsie Tootsies!

I SPY: My favorite pair of running shoes.  I won these at a walking club two years ago.  Great for walking and running but they came with the Nike Plus system so I can track my runs and listen to music:)

I SPY:  My entire shoe collection.  Don’t mind the mess in the closet (do you see that exercise ball that I haven’t used but not sure where else to store it?).  Nothing fancy but I do have more shoes than I thought!

RECIPE: Smore’s Gorp

Here’s an easy and delicious snack that my kids and daycare kids adore!


1 box Golden Grahams cereal (or store brand)

1/2 bag miniture marshmallows

1/2 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips

1.  Pour cereal into large container or bowl.  Also add marshmallows.

2.  Add chocolate chips.

3.  Mix it up.  I just put the cover on and shake it.

 4.  ENJOY!

Simple as that!


Our Easter was spread out to two weekends but both were very fun!  Two weekends ago we celebrated with my family.  It is so much fun to hang out with other kids around.  The kids all did an egg hunt which ended up being inside because of the cold, wet weather! 

The official Easter weekend was kicked off by us hosting an egg hunt.  I arranged that we could use the grass lot at the church across the street to hide the eggs.  We had 22 kids show up and it was great fun for all!  It was finished off by a snack of homemade cinnamon rolls and OJ.  Great start to the weekend!

Easter day we hunted for our baskets and then went to church (for the first time in way too long) and then headed off to Grandma Sue’s house for lunch.  I regret to say that I brought my camera but I didn’t even take it out and get pictures of my boys playing baseball.  It was nice to have some beautiful weather for once.  I did capture one picture from the day of the boys with their Easter baskets.  The bunny brought them new bats and they both posed as if they were going to hit without me even saying a word…I think they are trained (or just obsessed)!

Special Request

So Radiomom requested that I add the ‘creeper’ picture I took of Josh Thompson hanging out at Buffalo Wild Wings after the concert.  So here you go…

He was obviously drunk when he sat down at the bar.  There were a couple girls who kept trying to talk to him but his ‘guys’ calmly got them out of the way.  I didn’t have the courage to talk to him!

Dierks Bentley

Last Thursday I went to the Dierks Bentley show in Mankato.  It was a great show and got to go back stage and get a photo with him.  Wish I could have watched him play hockey with some local boys.  Also got to see Miss Willie Brown and Josh Thompson.  Saw Josh Thompson hanging out with the local crowd after the show.  Wasn’t brave enough to say hi but took a picture of him over my shoulder:)

Can’t wait for the next show to come to town…I love concerts!

Edited to Add:

Here’s another picture of me with Josh Thompson before the show…

I SPY: Around the Home

I am participating in a link up to Little Miss Momma and her I SPY series.  This week is Around the Home.  So here is what I SPY around my home…

I SPY an adorable bunny candy dish filled with jelly beans I can’t stop eating.

I SPY a bunch of Easter eggs filled with candy and ready for the egg hunt on Saturday.

I SPY a bunch of dirty socks under #1 son’s bed.  This kid is notorious for leaving things under the bed!

I SPY an adorable baby.  She is my only daycare girl and I just adore her (not that I don’t love the boys too).

I SPY some spots on the wall that still need paint after the bathroom project.  We had some plaster fall off on the other side of the wall…and have yet to be fixed:)

I SPY my love #2 with a big black eye and missing tooth.

I SPY my love #1…half smiling.  I’m surprised he even looked at me for the picture:)  Don’t you just want to pinch those cheeks?

I SPY my gorgeous jewelry rack which is slowly but surely filling up with fun jewelry.

I SPY some amazing cinnamon rolls ready for the egg hunt Saturday morning.  They are so delicious…and they are from Pioneer Woman.

I SPY all my loves in this beautiful frame.  I took all these pictures…I’m so proud of myself;)

I SPY the hat of my main squeeze which is for once not laying on the dishwasher in my way.

I SPY the car seats of my daycare kids from our field trip this morning.  It was so much fun to get out of the house with them…thanks Kris!

I SPY my favorite non-portrait picture that hangs in my kitchen.  I loved this picture the moment I saw it!

Join in the fun and link up your own blog to Little Miss Momma. 




We bred our momma dog in late March and have been waiting for a sign that she is pregnant.  Well I finally got my sign today…she is aggressively barking at everything!  That is usually our sign but normally it is sooner than this.  So get ready for some amazing cuteness that look like this:

Anniversary Video

I posted about it previously and finished it just in the nick of time to give to Mike. I had intended to put it on the ipod that I gave him for his gift but I couldn’t figure it out (apparently I need to convert it to mp4 but didn’t know that until later) and he came home early. I tried to upload this in full but it won’t work because it is so long. So here it is in 3 parts! Let me know what you think if you get the time to watch.

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3