My roast

>I don’t have any fabulous pictures to share of the roast I cooked but I have a questions for all my readers.  I nneed to know what I am doing wrong with it.  I have cooked roasts for many years in the crockpot and they used to be well cooked and falling apart…the way I like it!  The past few times I’ve made roast it has been tough and hard to chew.  The last one I cooked was cooked for 8 hours in the crockpot with carrots like I always have.  Any suggestions or recommendations?


2 thoughts on “My roast

  1. >well…..I usually just cook the CRAP out of it and it turns out fine (falling apart like you said) I would think 8 hrs would be enough!? Are you sure your crockpot is still heating properly???

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