>As anyone who knows him is well aware my younges son, Avery, is VERY obsessed with hockey.  He lives and breathes hockey.  A few weeks ago he was practicing his shots and was doing a shot where he was off to the side of the net, nearly even with it and making it in.  He explained that it was called a ‘Drewber’ shot and that he had been told by his coaches the name was such.  When I told Mike about it he had never heard of such a shot and is thinking he was mixed up but one never knows with that child!   

Since then he has been practicing his wrist shot and his backhand:)


Takes Balls!

>I was out for a walk on a chilly but sunny day over the weekend when I got a text from my husband which was a forward of one he had receieved at 4:30 am!  It was a message from a cousin of mine asking if he could use our credit card for a $1,000 charge as he didn’t have any cards with that amount available.  Apparently he was breeding his dog and purchased some dog semen from another state and needed the money to pay the refundable deposit on the shipping box.  We would get our money back once the vet got her materials back (guessing the box belonged to the vet?). 

I cannot imagine asking someone for that kind of money for something like that!  Medical bills are one thing and maybe even if it was my own brother but a cousin who only contacts us when he needs something…NO WAY!  I can’t believe someone would have the balls to do that but apparently it was important. 

I’m begging you…do not ask me for money unless it is a GOOD reason and dog semen is NOT it!


>I volunteered to make a poster for the locker room for my son who plays hockey.   I thought he would want to make it because he is quite creative and a great artist.  However, once he saw a couple of the other ones he didn’t want to make it…I think he was intimidated.  So it was left up to me.  For some reason this idea came to me and it turned out great!  I was kind of embarrassed that I actually made a poster for the wrong color team but I fixed it and it worked out.  I was thinking Blake was on the black team because he had been wearing his jersey from last year so I forgot that he was gold this year! 

20 minutes…

>Last night I had 20 minutes in a quiet house with no one but myself!  The boys had gone to hockey with grandma and Mike wasn’t home from work yet.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself.  It wasn’t enough time to start a project so I ended up surfing facebook for a little bit and then washing dishes.  It was a peaceful 20 minutes but I wish I would have chosen to sit down and relax by reading a book or something but things need to be done.

What do you do with 20 minutes?

My roast

>I don’t have any fabulous pictures to share of the roast I cooked but I have a questions for all my readers.  I nneed to know what I am doing wrong with it.  I have cooked roasts for many years in the crockpot and they used to be well cooked and falling apart…the way I like it!  The past few times I’ve made roast it has been tough and hard to chew.  The last one I cooked was cooked for 8 hours in the crockpot with carrots like I always have.  Any suggestions or recommendations?

>Mall of America

>Even though I live fairly close I have only shopped at the mall of America a handful of times.  I don’t know that I have ever been there on a Saturday but I can assure you that I will not be going there on a Saturday afternoon again!  Mike and I went on our way to a friend’s birthday party and it was TERRIBLE!  We showed up and they had all the entrances blocked off and we ended up parking in the overflow lot across the street.  We walked in and could barely see the elevator because there were so many people.  Everywhere we walked there were crowds of people and I am not patient when it comes to the mall and people getting in my way.  We only bought two things (unless you count the pretzel and pop that we purchased) and were there for a couple hours.  Overall it was not a pleasant shopping experience!

My baby…

>…is growing up!  Avery has his first loose tooth.  He came into my room last night when he was supposed to be sleeping and said his tooth hurt.  I asked him to let me see it and discovered it was super wiggly.  He has wanted to lose a tooth so bad but I didn’t think it would be this soon. 

He is 5 months ahead of when Blake lost his first tooth.  I can’t believe how old he is already.  Until he turned 5 I kept thinking of him as a 2 year old.  I don’t know why but I did.  I think I just don’t want him to ever grow up!  At least he still likes to cuddle with his mom a little.  He is a momma’s boy through and through.  He doesn’t like how his daddy tucks him in so I always have to do it.  Apparently I am the ‘best tucker-inner in the world’! 

I’m in love!

>I have been eyeing the picture on the left up for quite some time at Kohl’s but they didn’t have a matching one that was the same direction until Monday night when I stopped to find something for the bathroom.  I was so excited because I also happened to have a 20% off coupon!!  I finally got them put up tonight.  I really liked the pictures that I had in that spot but they have been there since we moved in and it was just time for a change. 

There have been lots of change in our house in the past two weeks!  I am LOVING it!  I LOVE change and have more pictures to share later.

Heavy Heart

>Today I once again have a heavy heart due to someone being taken by cancer.  My cousin’s husband has been fighting pancreatic cancer for nearly two years.  He has fought very hard but he is losing his battle.  He has three gorgeous daughters, one of which just had a baby this past weekend.  My heart is with his entire family as they go through this difficult time.  Words can’t express how much I’d like to be there for them but they are all the way in AZ. 

It seems like I hear of another person battling cancer every week.  My family has been touched by it many times in the past few years.  I think it is time we find a cure for this ugly disease!  I wish it would have come in time for my cousin’s family. 

I wish…

>…that things didn’t hurt my feelings but they do.  I wish that I wasn’t so sensitive at times but I am.  I wish that I didn’t hold grudges but I do.  I wish I didn’t lose my cool at the little things.  I wish I did lose my cool when it really counts.  I wish I spoke my mind more often but I don’t. 

There are lots of things I WISH I could change about myself but they are what makes me who I am so I guess I’m stuck with this girl.  The sensitive, over-reacting, grudge-holding girl.  But there is one thing I can tell you…take it or leave it because I am not going to change for someone else!