Christmas Scrapbook

>I know Christmas is long past but I have been meaning to post about this project since then!  If you are like me you get lots of Christmas cards and pictures.  I used to keep them until the next year and then toss them.  Well then I stole this idea from an old friend and I love it!  I put all the pictures in a scrapbook so that I can look at them from year to year and see how people have changed. 

Here’s what you need:
– A scrapbook
– A glue stick
– A scissors
– Your Christmas cards/pictures

First I separate the cards from the pictures.  I use the pictures on the cards as decoration on the pages.  Because I don’t like to write on the pages I find a card that says the year and maybe “Merry Christmas” or something like that to use on my first page for the year.

Then I start cutting the pictures out of the photo cards.  I also cut out the name so that in years to come I can remember whose children I’m looking at. 

Sometimes I do not cut the pictures apart if I can’t bare to destroy the pretty card.


Sometimes I cut out fun shapes from the card to add a little extra ‘something’ to my page.

As you can see I arrange each page different.  I cut everything out and lay it all out before gluing anything in place.

And of course I add our own Christmas card so we can remember that from year to year as well! 

So that is how YOU can go from a pile of cards like this…

To an organized book like this…


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