>It amazes me that a person can feel so connected to another without ever even meeting them.  I never had the pleasure of meeting this apparently amazing woman myself but have heard from lots of people about how wonderful and inspiring she was.  I have followed the CaringBridge site for Becky Hewitt for several years and cannot believe that the time has come that she has gone to her maker.  She has struggled with breast cancer since her youngest daughter was just small.  Her youngest daughter is the same age as my Blake and it is hard to imagine, as a mother, having to leave your child and not get to see them grow up.  That is one of my biggest fears in life and my heart just breaks for Becky and her family!  I cannot imagine the affect it will have on her girls and everyone she has touched. 

Even though I have not ever met her or heard her speak I want to say that she has touched my life…it really makes me re-evaluate how I live my life.  I will hug my babies a little tighter every day and just remember that every moment needs to count in life!  You have inspired so many!


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