Date Night

>So Mike and I decided to take the kids on individual dates tonight.  I was taking Blake out to eat and let him choose where we went before we headed to Wow Zone.  Blake chose to go to Culvers to eat.  I thought Mike was taking BW3 before taking him to the hockey game.  As we were eating in walks Mike & Avery.  Of all the times to show up at the same place.

We had a good time at the Wow Zone.  We did the black light mini golf and Blake had a good time but I felt like it was kinda dumb (not about me though right?).  We finished up our date at Cold Stone with some ice cream. 

Unfortunately our night ended with some attitude being thrown around….guess it was bed time.  Avery and daddy had a great time watching the Mavericks beat the Beavers and he even got a puck.  I wish I had a picture of when Mike told him that is where they were going…you’d have thought he was getting to go to Disney World!


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