New House Project!

>I am SO excited to have this project in the works! I have been waiting 5.5 LONG years to do it but with the cost it just didn’t work. FINALLY we are going to remodel our bathroom. After our basement bathroom project last year that was just finished a month or so ago (the trim wasn’t up but it was functional) we have decided to hire it done. We are having one of Mike’s friends, Trevor Rome with Trevor Rome Construction Services, do it.

We will be going from this ‘beautiful’ three-tone teal bathroom:

My least favorite aspects of this bathroom are:
– The white tiles patched into spots where they removed things
– The disgusting grout on the floor
– The hidious porcelain knobs
– The tiled vanity top

When we moved in it was painted a light shade of yellow which believe me did nothing to help it! The brown made it livable and I had a shower curtain that was shades of teal and brown, but the rod broke so until it is remodeled we won’t be using the shower.

This is the accent tile we picked out:
Cabernet. The main tile will look like this:

We have almost everything picked out/purchased. Still need to find a medicine cabinet, vanity top and sink faucet. It should be just a couple weeks until it begins. I can’t wait!


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