New Years

>I always make New Years resolutions. Most of the time I do pretty well with them but I also make sure I only make them if they are something that is feasible. It is always a challenge but never so outlandish that there is no way for me to accomplish it! So I thought I’d share my resultions with you so that it will help hold me accountable.

Learn to shoot my camera in manual. I have had my Nikon DSLR camera for a year and a half and I have yet to figure it out. But if I am going to work on becoming a photographer then I need to know how to shoot manual.
Paint my nails more. I never seem to take time for myself so this is an attempt.
Fix my hair more. I think this will make me feel better about myself.
Balance the checkbook no less than 1 time per week. I get so far behind and then it takes forever! So I think if I’d just do it more often it would be better.
Take better care of myself. I always go to the doctor regularly but I don’t seem to take care of myself the way I should. So I am going to eat better, eat less, wash my face daily (in the past I never washed it regularly) and get enough sleep.

I hope that I can stick to these fairly simple resolutions. What are your resolutions?


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