HUGE 2011 Project

So I’ve been thinking of this for quite some time and have to start working on it and I need a little help. This year will be my 10th anniversary with my wonderful husband. I want to do something extra special for him so I am going to re-do our wedding slide show video. There are a couple reasons for this:

1) When we originally did the video he picked songs but they were not long enough so his mother and I picked a song about baseball that we thought was cute but it was country. Well, if you know Mike he despises country with a passion so he was less than pleased that we did that without asking him.

2) We never took our wedding pictures to the gentleman who did the video to have him add them. And now we have a whole lot more of a story to tell so I’d like to add the rest of our love story.

So I have all the pictures still…just need to find them and organize them. Then I will need to get them all scanned and need to set them to music. That is where I need help! I need to come up with a list of songs to add to the slide show. When we originally did it I don’t recall what my songs but Mike’s were ‘I Fought the Law’ and ‘Put me in Coach'(which I’ll keep) and then a Kenny Rogers song about baseball called ‘The Greatest’ (which is the one he didn’t like).

Do any of you have a good list of songs for a ‘wedding’ slide show? I’m going to need some love songs too for us as a couple an then some good ones for pictures of our kids.

Put your thinking caps on I need your help! Now please don’t let him in on this because it’s a surprise…and he doesn’t read this blog, probably doesn’t know what it’s called;)


3 thoughts on “HUGE 2011 Project

  1. >These are people's songs from my parents' 40th wedding anniversary book: You Are My Sunshine, Can I Have This Dance, The Shadow of Your Smile, Misty, Unchained Melody, Moon River, Precious and Few, Feeling Groovy, O Lord Most Holy, Arc of the Diver by Steve Windwood, Save the Best for Last, The Gift of Love, One Wing in the Fire, The One, What a Wonderful World, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Everything I Do by Bryan Adams. Good luck!

  2. >Love & Happiness by Al GreenSongbird by Fleetwood MacCrazy love by Van MorrisonHow Sweet it is to be love by you by Marvin GayeWedding Song by Bob Dylan (Love this one!)I will let you know if I can think of any others.I'd love to see the finished project.

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