>When it comes to Christmas I am a wrapper. I would much rather use wrapping paper than throw the gifts in a gift bag and call it good. So since I like to wrap things I save boxes for months in preparation for Christmas gift wrapping. If the item is in its own box then I just wrap it in that but some things like clothes need a box so I save them. For months I tell everyone in the house to not throw the boxes away so that I have enough to wrap gifts. Well ineveitably we end up with a pile of boxes that looks like the picture below. Am I the only one?


2 thoughts on “>Boxes!

  1. >…not the only one…I am constantly bringing home the empty boxes home from work. I forgot to tell hubby what I was doing-until I found some of them flattened and in the recycling! Can you IMAGINE getting rid of perfectly good BOXES like that??? HA!

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