Drawing Names

>This year my side of the family was planning on drawing names again however we weren’t all going to be together so I was on a mission to find a website that would do the drawing for us and email us all. My family thought I was crazy and laughed at me when I mentioned it. Apparently I am the only one who would think of this…however my thought is if it is something I’m looking for then someone else has surely created it.

So after a simple Google search I found DrawNames.com. The site can be easily set up by entering all the participants names and email addresses. They are then sent an email to join the group (you are able to also remove a person if they choose not to participate). Once everyone has ‘joined’ the group, each person is sent an email with their drawn name. Everyone is then able to make a wish list to make it easier for their ‘secret santa’ to easily find them a gift.

This is such a great way to draw names!


2 thoughts on “Drawing Names

  1. >That is an awesome idea! I feel like I am falling apart with scurrying to finish holiday stuff~and right now..only right now…I am thankful we are not doing a gift drawing this year! LOL

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