>Younger Brothers


I guess being the younger brother teaches you things that you wouldn’t otherwise know. So after Blake posted a sign to keep Avery out of his room Avery decided it was time he had a sign too. Not knowing how to spell he just put an ‘X’ on the sign and that was sufficient for Blake to know it was meant for him. It was very cute! And it wasn’t long before both signs were down and they were once again playing in each other’s rooms.

What would we do for entertainment if we didn’t have kids?


>And it begins…


This is the sign that Blake made this weekend to keep everyone out of his room. He was apparently sick of his brother going in his room and making a mess that he ended up cleaning up. I really can’t blame him but found it extremely funny that he added the names of the daycare kids too (although they aren’t allowed in his room anyway). However, mom and dad did not make the list! I thought we had quite a few years before this stuff started happening but I guess not!