>Today is the 10th anniversary of the day Mike proposed to me. I had drug him out to the ring store on duck opener (after he finished hunting of course) to show him the ring that I wanted. I had gone shopping with my aunt and picked it out since he was dragging his feet about it. I called him and told him that I had it picked out and he came to the mall in his camo (and duck blood too I believe) to buy the ring. He abliged and we also picked one out for him.

A few weeks later, two days prior to my 21st birthday, he popped the question. I should have known something was up as he was home from work and showered when I got home that day. He was watching TV and wanted me to sit on his lap so I did. He then said ‘I have a question to ask you’. I don’t remember the rest of the conversation but it wasn’t some long drawn out romantic proposal but the question was asked and I answered YES! We’ve made a lot of great memories in the past 10 years and in 5.5 months we will celebrate our 10th Anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been that long but it has been a great ride so far!


>Busy, Busy

>It seems that every time I think to update this blog I get sidetracked by something else. I also don’t have my laptop currently because it is in the shop. Boy how I miss it!

Let’s see…here’s what’s up: I started building a bed all on my own. I found plans on a great website (ana-white.com) and had to make it. I am hoping to get to work on it this weekend. Hockey is starting in 2 weeks and then we will not have as much free time. The boys have still been doing lots of hunting. I will post more of those pictures as soon as I get my laptop back. Did I mention I miss that thing?

Anyway, this is short and sweet for now but I will be back with more real soon!

>YUMMY Rolls!

>I just made the most delicious cinnamon rolls of my life (truly I haven’t made that many but have tasted several). I got the recipe from this blog . I have seen many delicious looking recipes on this blog but this is the first one I have tried. Let me tell you it was worth it! And I have extra to put in the freezer.

>Open House

>So last night we went to the open house at Blake’s school. He was so excited about being our ‘tour guide’ as his teacher had told them that he talked CONSTANTLY from the time he got home from school until he went to bed. Now don’t get me wrong, I am totally thrilled that he loves school the way he does but the constant talking started to drive me nuts! But as any good mother would I patiently listened to him tell each and every story and detail. He has a great teacher and he is enjoying school as much as I could ever hope for.

Not sure why there is such a pained expression on his face but I think it’s kinda funny.

My 1st grader in his desk. His class is the only one out of the 3 at Roosevelt that get desks. He is pretty proud of that!