>I always thought I would be a good parent and I like to think that I am most of the time but sometimes I just really think I SUCK! I feel like I have no control of what is going on around here with the kids sometimes. I feel like I don’t know what technique to try next and am at my wits end.

Having a 4.5 year old is hard. I would have said that when Blake was that age but it is nothing compared to raising a 4.5 year old Avery! The child just comes with all new challenges. One of our biggest seems to be napping and bed time. No matter how tired the kid is he always seems to find a way to stall. Now some of you are probably thinking that at 4.5 he no longer needs a nap…well let me tell you he does! I know my children and Blake still takes naps. All I’m asking for is a short nap…just to take the edge off. However that is not on his agenda. It is so stressful that sometimes I just lose it! Today is a good example. I get so frustrated and start to yell…well who can go to sleep after just getting chewed out? Probably pretty hard but apparently I expect it anyway.

Sometimes I just wish I had Super Nanny here to tell me how to deal with these kids. I’m sure that wouldn’t solve the world’s problems but man it would be nice!


>Random Thoughts

>It has been so long since I have had time to sit down and blog but I promise I will try to be better about it. However I’ve started reading other people’s blogs and realized that they use it as sort of an outlet to express themselves more than a way to update people, so I thought I might give it a try since I doubt everyone wants to read my every thought on Facebook. I am home alone (a rare feat) at 11 am on a Monday listening to MY music and only the noise I choose…so here are some of the random thoughts I’ve had recently.

-Am I the only one who organizes CDs by alphabet? I like organization and disorganization just makes me cranky. To me finding something right away when I want to find it is important rather than searching through the stack. so I alphabetize my CDs. My hubby is constantly teasing me for this but guess who can find their music when the time comes?

-There is something to be said about being home alone once in a while but I almost find that I can barely figure out what to do first. I have been reading up on photography on one of my favorite blogs . I took a shower and then started cleaning the bathroom…WHY can’t I find something more exciting to do?

-I think I have a Facebook problem because I find myself constantly formulating interesting posts. I don’t always post them but my mind automatically goes there!

-I will never again have more than 1-2 magazine subscriptions. I have a stack of 20 or more magazines that I need to read, consisting of: Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Taste of Home, Family Fun, Rachael Ray. I enjoy all of them and 3 of them were gifts for my 30th birthday, but I just can’t keep up.

Those are my random thoughts for today and I’m going to give this blogging thing a better shot in the future and I hope that I can find the time to keep posting…in between my other jobs as baker, daycare provider, wife & mother.