>WHOA! What a crazy month!

>I can’t believe that it has been over a month since I last posted. The time just got away from me. We finished up hockey and had a Jamboree for the kids. It was special because my grandparents all got to come watch him. It was their first taste of the sport of hockey. They all seemed to enjoy it and the boys gave them a good show! A good time was had by all.

We are continuing to work on our bathroom project in the basement. We have gone from a toilet and a half a wall to a fully enclosed bathroom complete with a shower and door. I have most everything painted in there and am waiting for some fiberglass to be installed above the shower and then I can finish painting. I am also going to attempt to do the tiling in the bathroom. I took a class with my friend Amy at Home Depot to learn how. We have borrowed a tile saw from our friend in the Cities and as soon as I get a full day to work on it we will be doing it. Then we can finally install the toilet and vanity and hopefully just be able to use the bathroom. I can’t wait to have our basement back together.

The puppies have also kept us busy. We only have two left to sell and hopefully they go home really soon. They are getting really stinky and need to go! I love this stage of puppies though when they are so playful and cute. Unfortunately they all grow up and are expensive. So please tell all your friends we still have 2 boy black labs left!

We also had a baby shower for my niece, KayleeAhna, along with her baptism. She is growing so fast it is just crazy! I can’t believe that she is already 7 weeks old. Before we know it she will be becoming independant and running around!

Well, anyway, things have finally slowed down a bit and we will be busy again soon enough with the summer lurking just around the corner. This year is flying by!