>Proud Mama & Exciting Weekend

>Our big weekend started out on Friday night with our daycare sleepover. I did a ‘Parent’s Night Out’ for the parents of my daycare kids. I take the kids and have a sleepover and they get to enjoy a night alone without kids! So we have 7 little boys sleeping here on Friday. It was quite a night filled with hockey, pizza, ice cream sundaes and a movie. They all had so much fun and so did I!

Then on Saturday all the parents picked up the kids by 9 am in time for us to get going to hockey. After Blake’s practice I took him to a birthday party for his friend Aurora. He got there late due to practice but had a good time. When I went to pick him up Aurora’s mom came out and said ‘He is the sweetest most polite little boy. He is welcome to come and play ANY time!’ AAAWWW! That makes my heart so proud that we are raising such a nice young man who other parents would ask to come play. Makes me feel good that we are actually doing something right in raising our kids!

After the birthday party the boys headed off to the Southern MN Children’s Museum with uncle Nick & Janelle and her boy Braydon. Sounds like they had some fun and after that they went to the WOW Zone. While they were gone I left for a Girls Night with my best friend Amy. We booked a hotel in Mankato for the night and made Valentine’s for our kids’ classes at school. They turned out SO cute! I will post some pictures once our laptop is back from the shop.

Now we are all settling down for the night and possibly going to watch some of the Super Bowl. Not sure I can watch much of it with the disappointing Vikes game 2 weeks ago but we will see. I might just hit the sack early!


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