>Sometimes my job stresses me out to the ends of my rope but then when I get to see the kids playing together and doing cute things I know why I keep doing it. Tuesday I watched as the three older boys did their ‘exercise’ before their hockey game. They were using the things they learned in gym class…pushups, windmills and jumping jacks. It was so cute to watch them.

Today I am watching as 5 of them (ages from 4-6) are playing Hungry Hippo and actually patiently taking turns sitting out so that everyone can have a turn! It is one of their better moments as they are usually fighting but today they are actually getting along. Kind of nice to see that I have taught my kids something useful in life!


>Old Man Winter Strikes Again!

>We had yet another snow day again today…only half of a day but still got out of school! The winds are a blowin’ through the house today and just howling through every crevice they possibly can. It is cold and we are in a blizzard warning. I am hoping for calm weather tomorrow! I am ready for spring!

>Keeping busy…

>So last year I picked up a new hobby…knitting. It is something to occupy my time (what little extra I have) and a great way to make gifts for all the people that we love. A friend of mine just had a baby boy and I just finished this hat for her baby boy, Colton. Can’t wait to get to meet him and see this cute hat on his head!

Now its on to making more baby hats for my brother who’s baby is due in a little more than a month and a couple other friends who are due the end of February and March. Couple of them don’t know what they are having so I will be busy making one of each!

Hope everyone’s new year is going well so far!

>Happy New Year!

>So here we are already….it’s 2010! 2009 seems to have flown by! Nothing much exciting here happened to ring in the new year. We decided to opt for a low-key New Year’s Eve this year. We took the boys to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs at the cheap theater. It was a very cute movie. Then we came home and just hung out there. Mike and I had rented a couple movies to watch once the kids went to bed so when we got them all tucked in we put our movies in. Surprisingly I was able to keep my eyeballs open and see the clock hit 12:00.

We’re hoping for another fairly uneventful year. Uneventful meaning no major surgeries (which are not planned as of now) and no major bad news. We are hoping for health for us and all of our loved ones.

Hope everyone has had a great new year so far!