>Merry Christmas!!!

>I’m sitting here watching the beautiful snow fall and reminising about Christmases past. I think that Christmas takes on a whole new meaning when you have kids of your own. The magic of Christmas is all different when you see it through the eyes of your kids.

Last week we had a visit from Santa Claus for a party that we had for daycare. Santa told a couple stories, sang some songs and handed out presents. All the daycare kids got hats that were knit specially by me. They all looked so adorable! When it was time for Santa to leave he went out to his PT cruiser and it wouldn’t start. We looked out the window and he had the hood up so we sent the guys out help him. Nothing seemed to work including pushing the car out of the driveway to pop the clutch. So I was asked to call a tow truck for him and while all the moms watched from the house I tried to explain to the tow company that Santa needed a tow truck. At first the lady on the phone seemed really confused but eventually she decided to play along. When she asked where he needed it towed to I told her I would ask and she responded ‘to the North Pole’! Avery had a solution for Santa….if he just would have brought his sleigh he could have just hooked up the reindeer to go home! If only…

Como Family Santa Picture.

Avery goofing off with Santa.

Boys watching Santa with the hood of the PT Cruiser up…

Santa watching his car be towed…

So tonight we celebrated Christmas with Mike’s family. We always have so much fun and normally we have a family hockey game but with all the snow the ice wasn’t in shape for that. So instead we just opened presents earlier and then played our Dirty Bingo game. The kids were so excited to play but the end of the game Avery melted down. The way the game works is we roll dice when you get doubles you get to pick a wrapped gift. Once they are all gone then everyone opens them and then we can steal from each other when you get doubles again. Well when the game was over Avery wanted the scarf that he got at the beginning. That ended our night! Time to go home and get two very tired boys to bed.

So now we are getting ready to put out some presents and watching a movie. Hope everyone has a great Christmas and has safe travels wherever you may be going!