>Annual Checkup & Birthday Boy

>The past week was a very eventful one around our house. Tuesday was avery’s annual checkup with his cardiologist, Dr Burton. He was given a clean bill of health. Everything is looking great and we go back to see him in another year! He did so well with all the tests. So glad to have the appointment behind us. Afer the trip to the dr we went to the Mall of America. We took the kids on some rides and then to the Underwater World. You should have seen their eyes when we walked into the mall…they were both in awe. It was a great day!

Then Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving with our first official Thanksgiving at our house. Everything went great and it was a great relaxing day.

Finally we celebrated Avery’s 4th birthday! He was so excited for his birthday but he couldn’t decide what he wanted for a gift. The only thing he told us he wanted was an Iowa Hawkeyes sweatshirt. I believe he has one coming from Grandpa & Grandma Berg but he hasn’t stopped asking about it since Saturday. He is so excited for it. Mike asked him on Friday (while I was out Black Friday shopping) what he wanted for his birthday and his response was ‘I don’t know but I better figure it out because my birthday is tomorrow!’

We are hoping that him turning 4 flips the switch to make him act older and be more well behaved. So far so good on that front! Hoping that it continues!


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