>More October

>We ended up getting tickets to the Vikings game vs. the Ravens at the last minute. So we packed up the truck and headed to the Metrodome. It is the first live Vikings game that any of us had ever attended. We were kind of worried about Avery as he doesn’t like loud noises but he did pretty well actually. He covered his ears a lot of the time when it got loud but he still had a lot of fun! We all managed to have a good time despite getting bad news at the beginning of the game that Mike’s uncle Mark had passed away. Here are some pictures from our exciting day!



>Such a slacker…

>Okay I know it’s been an entire month since I’ve posted. We’ve had quite a month. We’ve celebrated two birthdays, started hockey, saw a Vikings game live and Mike & I took a trip to Vegas.

Blake turned 6 on October 11th. It was a fun time as we celebrated in a construction theme. He had a friend party at the local cheap theater where they got to have a behind the scenes tour of the inner workings of the theater. THe birthday boy also got to push ‘Play’ before we went to watch the movie.

More updates soon…