>Out of the Mouths of Babes!

>So Avery has always been our comedian but some days it come out more than others! He is so crazy sometimes. Sunday he was full of it. When we were getting ready for church he was putting some dress shoes on and I told him he looked handsome. He looked at me and said ‘Some people say that.’ I couldn’t even hold back the laughter.

Then later at lunch the same day he told us that he ‘doesn’t want to be 4 1/2 but just wants to be 5 right away’ …could he be any funnier! The funniest part of that story is that we couldn’t remember what it was that he had said so we asked him and at first he didn’t remember but last night at supper he repeated the story because he remembered what he had said. Stinker!


>Happy 60th Birthday

>Over the weekend we had a surprise birthday party for Grandma Sue. It was a very fun time and a HUGE surprise to her. She had family come from Florida and Missouri and was very shocked to see them. It was a great time had by all! Our whole family was up until 2 am. Blake slept until noon the next day. Avery was up at 9 asking to go to Sunday school.


>1st Day of Kindergarten

>Blake started his first year of school on Thursday. He was so excited. Hoping to start a tradition we let him pick out supper on Wednesday night. He opted for homemade pizza (what kid doesn’t love pizza). We got all his clothes picked out and into bed early. I don’t think he fell asleep right away as he was so excited but he was up bright and early. He got up and dressed, fixed his bed and was ready to go by 7 am. We also let him pick breakfast so we had waffles. Then we had to get a few pictures before we left.

When we got to school we took a few more pictures. Then we got all lined up and ready to go inside. We didn’t get to go inside with them so after the teachers taught the kindergarteners the school song they went inside. No tears were shed by mom or Blake. Thought for sure that I would be crying! He was VERY ready though so that helped. He has a buddy from hockey in his class so that should help. We are very excited for his first year!

Traditional Front Door Shot

Avery couldn’t resist getting in on the action

In front of the Roosevelt sign

>The tooth is out!

>We finally got that tooth out! Just in the nick of time before the dentist on Friday! Blake was punting the football in the yard and somehow his knee hit his tooth and knocked it out. Apparently it fell right into his hand. He came running over to me with it in his hand. He is so excited. Can’t wait to see what the tooth fairy brings!