>Rough Day

>Wednesday was a rough day for Avery. He decided that instead of taking a nap it was more fun to mess around in our bed. He found out quickly why his mom always tells him to stop jerking around and lay still! He fell off the bed and hit the night stand on the way down. I heard him hit the floor and went in. He had blood everywhere and a 3/4″ gash above his eye. And let me tell you these head wounds bleed! I first called Grandma Sue to come sit with the daycare kids so I could take him to the clinic. Then called the clinic and they informed us to just come in and the dr on call would fit us in. When it was time to leave I couldn’t find my keys…can we say panic? Turned out they were in the garage from the night before when I went for a walk.

When we got to the clinic we got right into the room. Dr Townsend checked him out and said we would need to get it cleaned up and then she would glue it. So the nurse came in and cleaned him up and then the dr came back to glue it. He was surprisingly brave and never shed a tear while they fixed him up! I haven’t gotten a picture yet but hope to soon!


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