>Wiggly Tooth

>Blake has a tooth that is nearly out. It is barely hanging on but he is scared of us trying to pull it out. He has let us a couple times but the tooth is so small it is hard to get a good grip. We’ll see how long it takes! He has a dentist appt on Friday so hopefully he will get it out before then!


>Avery’s Cut

>We were back in the doctors office yesterday getting Avery’s cut checked out. It looked like it was infected so we thought we better be off getting it checked. The verdict from the dr is that it is infected. She seemed very confused as to what to do besides giving him antibiotics. She decided to make a small knick in the glue to get the pus out of the cut. It came out easily although I am not sure that it was the right choice as I fear that more germs will find their way in. It does look better today after two doses of ammoxicillin and a warm pack. Hopefully it continues to improve.

>Rough Day

>Wednesday was a rough day for Avery. He decided that instead of taking a nap it was more fun to mess around in our bed. He found out quickly why his mom always tells him to stop jerking around and lay still! He fell off the bed and hit the night stand on the way down. I heard him hit the floor and went in. He had blood everywhere and a 3/4″ gash above his eye. And let me tell you these head wounds bleed! I first called Grandma Sue to come sit with the daycare kids so I could take him to the clinic. Then called the clinic and they informed us to just come in and the dr on call would fit us in. When it was time to leave I couldn’t find my keys…can we say panic? Turned out they were in the garage from the night before when I went for a walk.

When we got to the clinic we got right into the room. Dr Townsend checked him out and said we would need to get it cleaned up and then she would glue it. So the nurse came in and cleaned him up and then the dr came back to glue it. He was surprisingly brave and never shed a tear while they fixed him up! I haven’t gotten a picture yet but hope to soon!

>Pictures of Latest House Project

>As I said before we were working on windows at our house the past couple weekends. Well they are finished! They went a lot smoother than last year and they look fantastic! I can’t believe how much better the rooms look with new windows and trim. Some day we may be doing the rest of the trim but that isn’t at the top of my priority list…maybe a new bathroom would be good first!

Kitchen Before

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Also, I have included some pictures of Avery’s new curtains in his room. I have to finish the final two panels but they look great. Now it is off to shop for window treatments for the other windows that we just finished!

>Weekend Project

>This past weekend we worked on installing new windows. We replaced 5 windows last year and this year decided to do the rest….8 more! We actually got them all in in one day and the next day we got the trim measured for, purchased and cut. Now I am working on staining it all so we can put it up on Friday. I am glad that it didn’t take as long as it did last year! I guess it helps to measure correctly!

>Avery the Comedian!

>Avery is always quite the the comedian but yesterday he was full of it! First in the morning he was shooed into his room to get dressed. He was throwing a fit about having the door shut but I cannot allow him to run around without clothes on. So he finally stopped throwing a fit and I thought he was getting dressed but had been in his room for quite a while so I went to check on him. The light was off and he was finally getting dressed. When I asked why he had the light off he said ‘Well I was in my bed. I was going to lay in there until 9:30 but I don’t have a clock!’ I was rolling with that one.

Then later in the afternoon when we were playing outside he came over to me and told me that he ‘doesn’t like himself without his hat on!’ Bahahahaha! My funny child!

>Trap Shooting

>Mike wanted to see if Avery could handle the guns shooting if he were to take him hunting this fall. Avery doesn’t handle the noise well when we go to parades so it might not be fun to go out hunting with the loud noise. But he did fine! Mike had some ear muffs to keep some of the sound out and it helped him to relax.

The boys also got their first chance to shoot a gun while we were out there. If I remember right it was a 410 that they shot. Still a little big for them but they definitely thought it was pretty cool. Even mom got to shoot the gun and try to hit some of the clay pigeons. Didn’t do too bad but nothing spectacular. It was the first time I have ever really shot at a moving target with such a big gun.

Here are some pictures from our adventure but of course there are no pictures of mom because I’m always the one behind the camera!