>Caterpillar Farm Operation

>Not really sure what is going on around our house the past few days but we have found over 30 caterpillars. They were two different kinds. We knew there was one nest in the neighbors apple tree just over our drive way. Those all came out on Sunday. We kept them but they didn’t make it. Today we found a TON more (17) and we have kept them and put them all in cups with some grass and a stick. So we have 17 cups all set up with one caterpillar in each. Last year we found the same kind and they made their crysalis and turned into butterflies. It is kind of exciting to see what will happen. It will be our science experiment for the spring I guess!

The other news is that Avery has decided that he will not be taking the training wheels off his bike EVER again! He was all excited to go ride his bike again yesterday before supper. His second try he got a little wobbly and neither one of us was close enough to catch him. He ended up with road rash on his face. He was not pleased and refused to even eat supper because he was so upset. He said to me ‘you should have caught me’. When I told him I was too far away to catch him and he then said ‘well then daddy should have caught me!’ Broke my heart. But we put the training wheels back on and went for a walk later after supper so he isn’t too freaked out although he is a little more gun shy!


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