>April Showers…bring May Flowers

>That is how it goes right? Well so far May has been pretty rainy too. We really do need the rain too but I wish it would only rain at night while we sleep so we don’t have to spend our days inside. It gets harder all the time to keep them busy when it is rainy.

We haven’t been to busy lately with much. Last weekend we had a wedding for my cousin and the kids had so much fun. Avery asked for like an hour ‘is the dance starting yet?’ and that was all before we even ate! Once the dance started though they both had fun and were well worn out! They for sure didn’t make it home awake that night.

Sunday Avery was getting changed after church and I walked into the hallway to find this ‘monster’ coming at me! Not sure what got into him but it was really funny!

Grandma bought them two new big wheels to ride and Avery can actually reach the pedals on this one. They are really funny to watch race.

This weekend will be filled with picking out flowers and celebrating Mother’s Day with our family. I have everyone coming over (both sets of my grandparents, my dad & Patty & Sue) for dinner to celebrate. Hopefully it will be a nice dinner that we can just enjoy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you grandma’s and moms out there.


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