>Sweet Boys

>I think I have the sweetest boys ever! When it comes to summer they are always picking me flowers, dandelions mostly, but flowers nonetheless. Well yesterday on our walk Avery stops dead in his tracks, jumps off his bike (all the while I am telling him to get back on his bike and get moving). It is then that I realize what he is doing. He saw a ‘flower’ and had to get down and pick it for me! It melted my heart!

Now if only their dad would take some lessons 😉 Just hope they remember that when they grow up…girls LOVE flowers!


>Okay, it is sping now!

>So my last post was complaining about the weather, but I am complaining no more! It has been gorgeous all week! I even got a little sunburn on my nose! The kids have thoroughly enjoyed being outside so much this week. They have played baseball, rode bikes, played in the sandbox and blew bubbles. All that’s left is plaing in the pool…won’t be for a while yet though!

They really enjoyed the Easter bunny coming this year. Avery really ‘gets’ it now so it is fun to watch the excitement in their little faces! Here is a picture from Easter morning.

Things are finally getting back to normal around here too. Mike is back to 40 hours (for the time being) and I FINALLY have filled my daycare spots. I have a 2 year old starting on Monday FT and then the end of May we will be welcoming a baby and June will bring a 4 year old boy. It will be a good summer!


>Supposedly it is Spring here in Mankato but it sure isn’t feeling like it! We went from having fabulous weather in the middle of March to snow on its way tonight. The past couple days haven’t been too bad and we’ve made it outside but still have warm jackets!

Things are starting to wind down around here. Blake finished hockey last Sunday with a jamboree. They got their names announced and then got to scrimmage while some of the Mavericks players helped with the games. They also were awarded medals and got to have a pizza party after the games. They have had such a great year and the entire group of Level 1 kids improved so much this year it has been quite a transformation to watch this year! Here are a couple pictures that the local photo place took:



Avery also finished his skating lessons today. This year they gave the kids an assessment at the end of the session. He took two sessions of skating lessons this year and he improved from the first 7 week session assessment through today. He seems to think he will play hockey next year so we will have to see.

The past week we have spent lots of time riding bikes and now playing in the sandbox as Mike got them out of the attic for the kids. I can’t wait until the weather improves!

Good news too…Mike is back to 40 hours at work for the time being. It is saving a lot of stress for me and I have also filled a couple daycare spots although I am looking for a couple more. Things are starting to look up around here. I am now trying to convince Mike to go on a trip with me for my 30th birthday!

I will try to post some video of the hockey and skating lessons. Also…the Oprah show we attended will be airing on Monday. Tune in!