>Avery said the ‘F’ word…FAT!

>Sitting at hockey waiting for all the open skating people to get out of the way so we could watch the Zamboni and this kid walks by and Avery says to me as he is pointing…’He’s a fat kid.’ Now I don’t understand him at first so of course I ask him to repeat it and this time he says it louder. Luckily I don’t think that anyone else would have understood what he said but OMG I can’t believe that my kid said that. Blake has never said anything of the sort and we don’t say those things in front of them for that reason. Guess he got it from somewhere.

This comment comes after his answer to the question “what do you do when you break something that belongs to someone else?”…’vacuum it up!’ She said he said it with much conviction too. I know exactly where that thought came from as he has watched us vacuum up glass things when we break them but I don’t think that is what they were looking for!

I pity the teachers…


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