>We lost our kid…

>So for the second time this hockey season we have lost Avery at the arena. Both times he has managed to make his way out the door and into the parking lot. Yesterday Mike had gone to get Blake undressed after practice and Avery had to go potty so I took him before going to the truck. We got done in the bathroom and Avery wanted a drink out of the fountain but since I was carrying a helmet, skates, a blanket and my purse I couldn’t lift him to get it. Then he was mad at me and wouldn’t come out the door to leave. So I walked out to the lobby to hand Mike the stuff I had in my hands and go back and pick him up and he is nowhere to be found. I looked in the bathrooms, down in the bleachers, asked a couple people and then turned around to see Mike holding him.

When I got to them he was sobbing uncontrollably. He had somehow made his way out the door (right past both of us) and couldn’t find us. Some other parent brought him back in and found us…she had recognized the panic on our faces! I am hoping that he never does that again…he was pretty scared. I HATE that panic feeling when I can’t find the kids.


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