>Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

>So I have been really bad lately at keeping up with this blog…I have been so busy it seems and I forget by the time I sit down at the computer. So here is an update on things around here (I have so many stories I can’t think of them all right now).

Blake continues to do well with hockey. They had their 2nd game of the season. They don’t keep score so it is basically just for fun. He is doing better listening this week than last week but it seems that he isn’t the only one with a short attention span. He loves every minute of it though so that is what is important. They have been asking to go to the outdoor rink every day!

Avery started skating lessons yesterday. He got to skate on Christmas Eve with the whole family so he got a little practice in then. He did better outside than in but I think the ice wasn’t so slippery outside.

As for Mike and I we have been off work. He has 2 weeks off and I have 12 days off so it could be tense around our house by the 5th when we go back to work! So far we are still working on putting our house back in order. I will be taking down everything Christmas today. We just really need some order back!

I will post some pictures in a little while.


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