>Happy Thanksgiving!

>Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We did have a good one and we have so much to be thankful for. We have two healthy kids and a great home and family.

I went shopping on Friday and it was a whole lot of crazy. I wasn’t a witness to any of the fights but rumor was that someone got a broken nose at Walmart. Probably over some dumb toy or TV!

Now we are into the Christmas season. Our tree is up and there are presents wrapped under the tree. The boys enjoy being the tape boys and giving me pieces as I wrap. It is helpful for the most part but sometimes they just get a little too crazy. They are awfully crazy anyway since all the excitement of Christmas is here!

Well, I better get them to bed! They are wild and need to settle down.



>We got fabulous news today at the cardiologist appointment! Avery doesn’t need to go back to see him for a YEAR! He said all his function looks good and it appears that the hole has closed in the patch. Dr Burton said he couldn’t find a hole on the echo! He also said that he doesn’t think that we will need to have surgery for another 3-4 years. He won’t need another heart cath either for a while. He is going back next November! YEAH!


>Well, we are already half way through November and again I haven’t posted in a while. We seem to have so much going on that I never get to it. I started taking a cake decorating class to get some more skills for decorating our cookies. So far it is going well. It is a nice little break and fun to learn something new. I need to get working on our Christmas cookies for an open house we are having.

Mike has been able to get a little hunting in…a lot in my mind but I am sure not in his! He is getting out pretty much every weekend. He is out by himself today. Blake is still enjoying his hockey time. He has been begging us to get him breezers for hockey so I guess Christmas will be good to him. He is improving every week when he skates and it is fun to watch. Next Saturday is their first game day so he is excited! Avery has been getting pumped up for his 3rd birthday. He is so excited for his birthday be we have all been at a loss as to what to buy him! He has come up with a couple ideas for us so that helps.

Here are some of our recent pictures. The one of the two in the old time clothes was taken for a fundraiser. Grandma Sue got them done. They are so cute!

Avery posing so cute

Blake’s version of Stomper

Old Time Baseball Players

>Welcome November

>We made it through another October and Halloween. Blake started hockey practice on the 25th. His first practice he decided to fight with the biggest kid on the ice…and I mean the biggest. I missed that practice but Mike pointed out the kid on Saturday…holy cow! We had to explain to him that he an’ tfiHe is having so much fun. He is really excited for his upcoming game days. We had to give him a calendar to keep track of his hockey practices and highlighted the game days in green so he knows when they are coming up. It should be really cute to watch them play!

Blake with our jack-o-lanterns

Halloween was fun for the kids. They are both old enough now to understand what Halloween is all about so they were very excited for it. Avery was an apple tree for Halloween. He decided quite a while ago that was what he wanted to be. It worked out pretty well and was easier. Blake was a hockey player (big surprise there).
Blake the Hockey Player & Avery the Apple Tree
Blake & Avery with Great Grandma Mary Como

Now here we are in November and we started it out with a bang! I took the kids on a walk last night right at the end of the day before the daycare kids left. It was supposed to be short walk just to get a little exercise. Well Avery somehow fell off his bike 3 times and the 3rd time he fell he hit his face on the curb and was bleeding all over! I thought he severed the cord on his top lip but it doesn’t really look severed today…we shall see. It is still really swollen. I am very thankful that our friend Joe Grabianowski drove by in his city truck and turned around to see if we needed help. He ended up giving us a ride home. A kind daycare provider came out with kleenex and wipes as well. Thank you to both of them!
Avery with his latest injury!

Let’s hope the rest of November is a little kinder to Avery. He does have a birthday coming up on the 28th so let’s hope it is a good month. Hard to believe he will be 3!