>Busy Month

>Wow has this month been busy. Since Blake started skating we have been doing that every Saturday and next week he starts practicing. We went to the Scarecrow Festival at Emma Krumbee’s in Belle Plaine and the kids had a blast. It is expensive for everyone to get in and then do any of the extras like ride the ponies or pick out a pumpkin but they enjoyed it. From there we went to pick out some pumpkins at a greenhouse down the road. I posted some pictures below:

The following weekend we had a birthday to celebrate…Blake turned 5! I can hardly believe that he is 5 years old already. Next year he will be going to kindergarten…what a change that will be for us (mostly me)! Friday of that weekend mommy got to go to a concert. It was very fun but also very late. It was a busy weekend to start out that way but it was fine. Saturday morning we had a ‘friends’ birthday party for Blake. He invited 4 friends and we went to the local craft store to decorate pumpkins. I think the kids really enjoyed it!

Pumpkins decorated by the kids

Then that afternoon we all had time to take a nap and get ready for the family birthday party. Blake got lots of clothes so he is decked out for fall. He only got a couple toys which was a relief for mom and dad as the house continues to be packed with toys. He did however get his one and only request for his birthday…a new John Deere bike! He was so excited. He is having some trouble getting on it by himself and starting but he LOVES it. That also gave Avery a chance to get a bigger bike. He gets to ride the original John Deere bike with the training wheels. Last night I took him for a walk and he did great. They are growing up so fast.

This past weekend was also a busy one. Blake got to go duck hunting in the boat for the first time ever. He was so excited. He wasn’t feeling well all weekend but didn’t want to miss his chance to go do that with his dad. He had a lot of fun and never asked to go home once according to dad. Then on Sunday mom had a wedding show to do for her dessert business. It was a long day but hopefully worth it in the end.

So that is our month in a nutshell so far and we still have Halloween to get to yet. Avery has decided to be an apple tree for Halloween and Blake a hockey player. Can’t wait to see them out there in their costumes!



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