>Growing Up too Fast!

>Lately it seems that every time we turn around our boys are hitting a new milestone. Blake learned how to tie his shoes over the weekend. He has needed new shoes for a while but it was hard to find his size without laces. So we took him shopping with us and told him that if he could try really hard to learn how to tie he could get the shoes he liked. We expected it would take him a week or so to learn…NOPE, one night! They are just so smart and quick with things! We are very proud of him for learning so fast.

Also, our thoughts continue to be with our friend Amy Reid and her family as she pushes through to recover after a terrible fall down a flight of stairs. She is currently in a coma in Rochester – St Mary’s Hospital. We are praying for her to make a full recovery in a short time because she has two little ones of her own that need her…Kenna, 10 & Luke 7.

It seems that our life is constantly touched by tragedy and illness. It shows a person how precious family and friends really are. So here is a big hug to all of you that we love to say how much we care! We don’t say it enough.

Kiss your loved ones and your babies!



>Our lives are about to change!


We just signed Blake up for hockey last night. Our lives are about to be changed forever! There will be no more winter weekends of just sitting around the house…we will be constantly busy with practice and games. I am excited about it but nervous too. He is my little boy and I don’t want him to be injured but I am sure he will be just fine. He is so excited. He will start in the “Learn To Skate” program to refresh his skills in October and the practice starts November 1st. I have lots to learn about this sport and thank goodness they are giving some classes for parents on what to expect. I know the cost is going to continually be an issue but we will just have to save (or get second jobs)!

Here are some recent pictures of the boys.

These are from Labor Day weekend. My brother decided to stop by and give the boys a ride on his horse and a friends. They rode around the neighborhood…I am sure they got some funny looks. He had a ‘saddle’ that straps on behind the saddle so it is easier for kids to ride along. Avery was entertained with it on the ground! Then when they were getting ready to leave Avery decided that he had to go potty…in the middle of the church lawn! ‘

We also went to Westwood that weekend to celebrate Mike & Jamie’s birthdays. We had to get some pictures while we were at the lake. Avery is the ham wanting in EVERY picture…until you want him in it! I painted our kitchen too…it is burnt orange and looks awesome! I will post pictures when I take a couple.