5 Weeks


So we are 5 weeks in and they are getting more playful than ever. They went through a phase over the weekend when they were so LOUD I could barely stand it. They have since tamed down. They are getting used to not having mom around anymore. We have gotten them outside a few times in the last week too. They are really quick and get away easy so we have a baby play yard that we put them in. Things are going really well with them. Mom developed an infection but seems to be coming around now. Poor thing…she is back outside in her doghouse where she has wanted to be for a while now I think!
We have sold 4 of them…so 5 left. All black males. We have had 3 phone calls tonight from interested parties so hopefully we get some more! Here are some more pictures…
Little piggies at the water trough

Proud Puppy Holder

What is this thing?

All tuckered out…
Look at those faces!
Now for some pictures of my boys. We had fun taking some picture when we actually had a nice day last week. They like to pose for pictures…hope they like it as much for an actual photographer. We have a photographer coming tomorrow to take pictures of them with the puppies and also a family picture outside. Pray for good weather!

These couple pictures were taken by Blake when I had turned my back. They actually were some good pictures. From a child’s point of view…


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