>4 Weeks Old


They are 4 weeks old now. They are getting to be so much fun. They are very playful and boy are they MESSY! They have started on solid foods as their mother decided to cut them off last week. It is really cute to see them all crowd around a bowl and try to get something to eat. Usually there is at least one that lays right in the middle of the bowl! Yesterday was their first venture outside. They weren’t quite sure what to think but were very curious!

We now have 4 puppies spoken for. Only 5 more to go…If anyone knows someone who wants a black male send them our way.

Anyway, here are some new pictures of them. They are just so darn cute. Next week I have a photographer coming to take pictures of the kids with them and then do a family picture. Hope they turn out well!

Trying to escape

Little Pigs Eating…can you even see the bowl?

Playing is hard work…

Look at those faces…

“Puppies in a Basket”


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