Escape Artists…

>The puppies are now 3 weeks old. They have turned into little escape artists. They are now big enough to get out of the pool if they stand on their hind legs. I was awaken at 5:45 on Saturday morning to 9 screaming puppies and a mom who was whining. I went to investigate and one of the boys was stuck behind the dryer. So now we have shoe boxes behind the dryer to keep them out, a bucket covering the floor drain so they don’t fall in that, a paint can covering a hole between the wall and the rubbermaid tote that is covering the walkway under our steps. It is quite a set up we have. As I was typing this two of them escaped and were roaming. Luckily our play yard gate is in and we can pick it up tonight…we need something so we don’t have to worry about them so much!

Saturday we went to a wedding. The boys had so much fun dancing the night away. Avery had a two little admirers that wanted to dance with him. But being the boy that he is he was playing hard to get! It was so funny really!

I will post some new pictures after while. I have only two extra kids today so I should be able to get that done while they all sleep.

Happy Monday to everyone…we still have 7 puppies that aren’t spoken for yet.


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