Exciting Weekend…


First our most exciting news…Avery is officially a big boy! He started wearing his underwear to bed on Friday night and has been dry since. He went a week in a pull-up waking up dry and I told him if he did that he could wear his big boy pants to bed…so another stage of our life is gone. If we can just get the aim right…
We also have a budding little artist…Blake. Here is a glimpse of his latest “John Deere” tractor creation. He even makes sure that it says “John Deere” on it!
Some of the puppies now have their eyes open. They are starting to walk on all 4s now more than on their bellies. It is so cute to watch them try to walk and tumble around. Won’t be long now and they will all be running around like maniacs!

We have eyes…

The whole litter.




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