5 Weeks


So we are 5 weeks in and they are getting more playful than ever. They went through a phase over the weekend when they were so LOUD I could barely stand it. They have since tamed down. They are getting used to not having mom around anymore. We have gotten them outside a few times in the last week too. They are really quick and get away easy so we have a baby play yard that we put them in. Things are going really well with them. Mom developed an infection but seems to be coming around now. Poor thing…she is back outside in her doghouse where she has wanted to be for a while now I think!
We have sold 4 of them…so 5 left. All black males. We have had 3 phone calls tonight from interested parties so hopefully we get some more! Here are some more pictures…
Little piggies at the water trough

Proud Puppy Holder

What is this thing?

All tuckered out…
Look at those faces!
Now for some pictures of my boys. We had fun taking some picture when we actually had a nice day last week. They like to pose for pictures…hope they like it as much for an actual photographer. We have a photographer coming tomorrow to take pictures of them with the puppies and also a family picture outside. Pray for good weather!

These couple pictures were taken by Blake when I had turned my back. They actually were some good pictures. From a child’s point of view…


>4 Weeks Old


They are 4 weeks old now. They are getting to be so much fun. They are very playful and boy are they MESSY! They have started on solid foods as their mother decided to cut them off last week. It is really cute to see them all crowd around a bowl and try to get something to eat. Usually there is at least one that lays right in the middle of the bowl! Yesterday was their first venture outside. They weren’t quite sure what to think but were very curious!

We now have 4 puppies spoken for. Only 5 more to go…If anyone knows someone who wants a black male send them our way.

Anyway, here are some new pictures of them. They are just so darn cute. Next week I have a photographer coming to take pictures of the kids with them and then do a family picture. Hope they turn out well!

Trying to escape

Little Pigs Eating…can you even see the bowl?

Playing is hard work…

Look at those faces…

“Puppies in a Basket”

>Pictures as promised…


Okay, here are the pictures that I promised on Monday. It has been a bit of a hectic week so far! So much for the light day…
The puppies are getting smarter about escaping now. Yesterday Mike checked on them before work and 8 of them were out of their pool! Sneaky little things! They are getting more playful all the time and are so cute to watch as they grab each others ears. They are getting their teeth too…boy are they sharp. Poor mom won’t want to nurse much longer! They are also starting to growl which is SOOOO cute.
Any way here are the pictures/video…also some of the kids at the wedding on Saturday!

Avery’s & his dancing buddy



All lined up.

I’m outta here…

Look at that face!

Escape Artists…

>The puppies are now 3 weeks old. They have turned into little escape artists. They are now big enough to get out of the pool if they stand on their hind legs. I was awaken at 5:45 on Saturday morning to 9 screaming puppies and a mom who was whining. I went to investigate and one of the boys was stuck behind the dryer. So now we have shoe boxes behind the dryer to keep them out, a bucket covering the floor drain so they don’t fall in that, a paint can covering a hole between the wall and the rubbermaid tote that is covering the walkway under our steps. It is quite a set up we have. As I was typing this two of them escaped and were roaming. Luckily our play yard gate is in and we can pick it up tonight…we need something so we don’t have to worry about them so much!

Saturday we went to a wedding. The boys had so much fun dancing the night away. Avery had a two little admirers that wanted to dance with him. But being the boy that he is he was playing hard to get! It was so funny really!

I will post some new pictures after while. I have only two extra kids today so I should be able to get that done while they all sleep.

Happy Monday to everyone…we still have 7 puppies that aren’t spoken for yet.

Exciting Weekend…


First our most exciting news…Avery is officially a big boy! He started wearing his underwear to bed on Friday night and has been dry since. He went a week in a pull-up waking up dry and I told him if he did that he could wear his big boy pants to bed…so another stage of our life is gone. If we can just get the aim right…
We also have a budding little artist…Blake. Here is a glimpse of his latest “John Deere” tractor creation. He even makes sure that it says “John Deere” on it!
Some of the puppies now have their eyes open. They are starting to walk on all 4s now more than on their bellies. It is so cute to watch them try to walk and tumble around. Won’t be long now and they will all be running around like maniacs!

We have eyes…

The whole litter.



Funny Puppies…

>So last night I was watching most of the puppies sleep. The little black female woke up and was rooting around looking for something to eat…well she found it but it didn’t get much. She was sucking on her brother’s penis! I was laughing so hard I almost couldn’t stand up!

On a note about the kids…Blake started counting to 100 on his own yesterday! He also started counting backwards. I haven’t worked on it with him but he has picked it up somewhere. We are all so impressed. I have some pictures of them to post too.

Pouty Boys