Go Mavericks!

We attended another Maverick’s hockey game last night. The boys enjoy them so much. It is fun to watch their faces as the crowd chants, sings and cheers. Avery is so amazed by all of it!

Speaking of Avery, he is doing so well potty training. He has had very few accidents this past week…maybe 2. He has been promised a visit to Chuck-e-Cheese if he continues to do well until Friday. We have a check up with his cardiologist that day and thought we would make a day of it.
We are currently dog sitting for Grandma Sue as she took a week vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Sure wish I could have stowed away in the suitcase for that one! So Lily is here for the weekend and Jamie will take her the rest of the week. She is already homesick and just lays on the couch wishing to see her ‘mom’ come through the door.

On another puppy front…we don’t have confirmation yet but we are sure that Abbi is pregnant. She has turned into this over-protective, barking dog! She is constantly barking at every little sound and she is a very quiet, reserved dog normally! So something is up with her…we hope it is about 7 pups!

Well all, have a good week and tune in next week for another episode of “Como Family Adventure”!


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