New Year’s Resolution

So since we have come to a new year I think I need to make a resolution to update this at least once a week. So much has happened in the past month…we have finished skating lessons, gone sledding, celebrated Christmas & New Years, gone to a Mavericks game and gone to see Seasame Street Live and discover what Elmo wants to be when he grows up!

Avery is currently potty training and we are making head-way. He was accident free at the Elmo show and the Mavericks game. I am hoping to be done with diapers soon…one less expense we can do without. Avery LOVED the hockey game and keeps asking daily to attend another one. He has been out practicing skating with his big brother.

Blake has been going skating with uncle Jamie and Daddy every Wed to practice. According to mom he is doing great but what do I know…I come from a wrestling family!

So here are some great pictures from Christmas and some videos of the boys! Hope you are all having a Happy New Year. Look forward to seeing more on this blog in the future.

Avery in his Santa hat

Blake, Grandma Blossom, Avery & Grandpa Paul

Blake sledding with daddy


The Como Family – Christmas ’08

Avery Skating – Christmas Eve

Blake Skating – Christmas Eve

Annual Christmas Eve Family Hockey Game